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Our Team

Adrianne McKee


Adrianne is a registered dance/movement therapist located in the Triangle area. She has experience working with children, adolescents, and adults with various mental and behavioral health diagnoses in a variety of settings. Adrianne has significant training in creative arts therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and have utilized techniques of dialectical behavioral therapy, meditation, and yoga in my practice. Adrianne passion and life’s calling lies in helping others and introducing the community to the benefits dance/movement therapy can offer.

Our Team

Freddy Perkins


Freddy is a board-certified music therapist.

Freddy as completed his undergraduate music therapy at Appalachian State University in 2013. Freddy interned at Bethany Children’s Home in Pennsylvania, where he provided music therapy services to children and adolescents with trauma histories. With over 4.5 years of clinical experience. Freddy has worked with a variety of individuals including children, adolescents, and adults with autism spectrum disorder and developmental disabilities, adolescents with trauma histories, LGBTQ* youth, adults and older adults with mental health diagnoses and chemical dependencies, and older adults with dementia. He is currently completing his master’s in music therapy through Slippery Rock University, where his focus is on engaging in music within a social justice lens.

Freddy’s philosophy of practice is influenced by Narrative Therapy and Complex Systems Theory, both of which recognize that we as individuals are impacted by personal, communal, and environmental relationships. In his music therapy work, he engages in a person-centered lens, supporting individuals in the moment and seeing them as a whole person and not a diagnosis or label. Utilizing therapeutic music techniques such as songwriting, lyric analysis, song discussion, and improvisation, Freddy strives to provide a safe space in which individuals can authentically express themselves.

Freddy has a deep commitment to serving the community, utilizing music to empower marginalized communities and addressing intersectionality issues, particularly helping to integrate different identities an individual possesses.

In addition to his clinical work, Freddy leads groups by and for LGBTQ* youth, where he organizes and facilitate a music support group for LGBTQ* youth.

Freddy belongs to several professional organizations, including the American Music Therapy Association, Black Music Therapy Network, Team Rainbow, and Music Therapy Association of North Carolina, where he serves as the president-elect.

Inger Jarmon

Executive Director

Inger R. Jarmon holds a Master degree in Fine Arts, Master degree in Social Science, and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She has had the privilege and pleasure to work in the mental health profession for several years. Where Inger has utilized her working experiences in Health and Human Service in the following areas of; case management, management, office management, utilization review. Inger is certified as a Qualified Developmental Disabilities Professional and Qualified Mental Health Professional. Inger always had a strong talent in painting and has always wanted to use it in the area of counseling. Her plans are to fulfill her goal in the fall of 2019. When she plans to begin a Counseling program of study leading to a Master of Arts degree in Counseling with an emphasis in Art Therapy. Inger states that “painting is her passion, and it gives her such peacefulness and being able to share the feeling with others would be beauty in each brushstroke. "

Our Team

Quenaisha Powell

 Career Counselor

Quenaisha holds a BS in Human Services/Management from the University of Phoenix and a MA in Career Counseling from North Carolina Central University. She has worked in various settings during her career such as, psychiatric facilities, and nonprofit agencies. Quenaisha has interned in the Career Departments at Wake Tech Community College, Shaw University, and North Carolina State University. Quenaisha also works as the Career Placement Specialist at Carolina Career College and enjoys helping students and clients. 

Marcus Bynum

LMFTA Intern  

Marcus Bynum a native of Raleigh NC. Marcus attended North Carolina Central University where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in child development.

He has worked as a teacher assistant for four years with Wake County Public School System in the Special Education Department, where he worked with students who were hearing impaired. 

Marcus is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy/Counseling with Capella University. One goal that Marcus has is to help break the negative stigma that individuals may have in regard to seeking therapy and discussing mental health, especially within the African American community. 

Marcus enjoys watching movies, listening to music playing video games, and spending time with his loved ones. Marcus is known for always having a smile on his face and having a big heart and caring personality.  One of Marcus’s favorite quotes is “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

- Harriet Tubman